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Attention Student Athletes in the Hamilton School District!

Junior Charger Golf Program:
A junior golf feeder program has been established for the Sussex Hamilton School District.

Golf does not need to be an individual sport. The Junior Charger golf team format will feature:

  • Team Golf: Junior golfers will be grouped to align players with their school districts.
  • Format: Team formats allow players to compete alongside teammates, reducing some of the pressure from an otherwise individual sport.
  • Fun Atmosphere: Golfing with friends and classmates enhances the fun and encourages development.
  • Accessibility: You don't have to be a parent with golf knowledge or have a country club membership to introduce your child to this life-long-sport.

2023 Tryouts:
Tryouts for the 2023 Junior Charger Golf Team will occur on Sunday, October 9, 2022 in the afternoon after 1pm at the Fairways of Woodside driving range. Interested athletes should attend the scheduled tryout, or request to make an alternative appointment to tryout on Saturday, October 15, 2022 after 1pm.

There is a $10 fee to tryout, if paid in advance, or $15 if paid on the tryout date. The tryout fee is collected to help cover the driving range time and related tryout costs.

Junior golfers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend tryouts.

Juniors should bring golf clubs to use at tryouts.

Team Formation:
Following the tryout process, we expect to announce teams by Tuesday, October 18, 2022. We have secured the training space to double our team size from 32 last year, to 64 for the upcoming 2023 season.

Boys and girls within the Hamilton district currently in 3rd through 8th grades are eligible to tryout.

Winter Training:
The Junior Charger Golf Team will train indoors in a fun environment using Trackman simulators at Fairways of Woodside Golf Course. Winter training sessions are planned to be held over the winter months from early January 2023 to later in April 2023, with exceptions including Spring Break and Easter. Training sessions will include instruction from professional coaches as well as knowledgeable parent coaches.

Team Events:
Outdoor team events / competitions will be added in spring/early summer.

Player Registration Fees:
The costs of the Junior Charger golf program are expected to be covered by player fees and donations from supporters and sponsors, with minimal fundraising expectations from participants. Junior Chargers golf is a program under Junior Cup Golf, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Player fees are $525 (red group) and $475 (white group) for the 2023 winter to early summer cycle. Fees include:

  • Indoor winter training sessions with top tier technology using Trackman simulators.
  • Instruction from professional coaches and knowledgeable parent coaches.
  • A schedule of outdoor team events / competitions in spring/early summer 2023. We look to increase the outdoor activities from last year's schedule.
  • A Junior Charger golf team polo shirt and practice shirt.

Tryout Registration Form:

(Please register one child at a time. If multiple children in the same family, please complete additional form(s))

Please register as soon as possible to help us plan and staff tryouts.

I would describe the experience level of my son or daughter as follows:

Junior Golfer First and Last Name:

Only students residing in the Hamilton district are eligible at this time. Please indicate your child's school within the Hamilton District:

Please indicate your child's current grade level (3rd through 8th grade):

Parent First and Last Name:

Parent Email Address:

Second Parent First and Last Name: (not required)

Second Parent Email Address: (not required)

Tryouts are on Sunday October 9th or Saturday October 15th. Each golfer needs to only attend one tryout date. Tryout participants will be assigned a ~30 minute timeslot between 1-4pm on their tryout date.

Any other feedback or comments regarding the Junior Charger golf program? We would love to hear your comments or your interest in getting involved.

Please note: instructions to pay the tryout fee will be provided with a confirmation message, which you should expect to receive up to 48 hours after you complete the tryout registration form.